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If you’ve reached this page, then you’re probably interested in more than just innovation. Behind all
innovation is a problem to solve ; behind every company, is a story. That is also the case with Specialist-Wanted. Let’s take a moment to discover our journey from Singapore all the way to the CES of Las Vegas.

I was 7 when my family moved to Singapore. Prior to that, I had always seen my mum working in Paris and all of the sudden, she became a stay at home mother. She was happy, but she also wasn’t her authentic self. She would hang out with other people who, like her, had followed their partner, and while they had professional skills, they didn’t use them.

During this time, my grandfather lost his compagny. He used to work in the South of France in the beautiful port of Frontignan : he would sell fish to supermarket franchises, until those same franchises chose to stop buying from little fishermen. Because it was so unexpected and he didn’t know how to handle it, my grandfather lost his small compagny.

Everyone was dejected And that’s how the idea of SW was born ; the idea that all those unused skills in society could help sme’s.

Today i’m 18 years old, and SW has grown up with me : all the way from an idea to a company. Today, I am not allowed to drink nor gamble, but I am proud to be here and explain how SW can support SME’s and create jobs.

Specialist-Wanted, the platform that promotes the digitalization and the development of small businesses!

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An innovative tool presented at CES Las Vegas 2022 from January 5 to 8, Occitanie Space, Booth 60415

It’s crucial for small businesses to be surrounded by competent people in their field (accounting, legal, administrative, HR, communication, etc.) in order to have the same level of services and expertise as big companies. In order to assist them in their approach and guide them towards trusted specialists, Specialist-Wanted has created a digital platform to allow them to get in touch ; a unique tool that promotes job creation in all regions, and is used as a leverage by businesses looking to satisfy their customers. CES Las Vegas will therefore provide an opportunity for the French startup to sign several large-scale partnerships.

Find the expert you need easily

Specialist-Wanted is both a platform and a digital tool for small businesses looking for trustworthy people who are experts in their field. Our aim is to support their development and allow them to stay focused on their core business. Administrative support, marketing, digital communication, human resource management, sales, accounting … on Specialist-Wanted, Business Managers have access to more than 600 services by more than 400 specialists listed  on the platform today. All these professionals are selected by Specialist-Wanted for their competence, their qualifications, their experience and their ability to work for small companies.

Easy-to-follow steps to use the platform:

  1. Find the service that you need.
  2. Schedule a video call with the selected specialist who will advise and guide you.
  3. After agreement with the professional, pay the service in a virtual wallet, that blocks the amount until the service is done.
  4. When the service is achieved, the money is released.
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Specialist-Wanted brings confidence to micro-businesses looking for a service and to specialists searching for clients. The site interface offers many possibilities: establishing contact through video conference, working online via messaging, managing appointments, sharing documents, monitoring payments and invoices for both companies and clients.

A platform that boosts the potential of micro-businesses and creates jobs!

Many small and medium-sized businesses are often overlooked by the new digitization services: “The smaller the company, the more likely it is to be forgotten by digitalization, which is not acceptable to us. With Specialist-Wanted, we aim to ‘unleash the potential’ of the self-employed and craftsmen, all too often excluded from innovation by creating an online skills shopping center, which meets their needs reggardless of the distance’’, says Aurore Moser, Specialist-Wanted’s CEO.

Regardless of their geographical location, this 100% online tool, allows all craftsmen to benefit from operational assistance in management, human resources or commercial development. For micro businesses’ experts, Specialist-Wanted is a unique opportunity to promote their skills online to many VSEs, to find new customers.

Apart from helping thousands of employers in need, Specialist-Wanted wishes to make a strong contribution for establishing skills and creating jobs in all regions.

About Specialist-Wanted

Created at the end of 2017 by Aurore Moser and Lionel Seltz, the Montpellier startup Specialist-Wanted is an online platform and working tool that allows Business Manager to find operational support, provided by professional specialists in the field. The interface offers a choice of services adapted to very small businesses (administrative, legal, commercial, digital, marketing, etc.), online work (via messaging, document sharing and videoconferencing), virtual wallet payment when the service is achieved for more confidence. With 6 employees, the company benefits from the support of many partners including French Tech Méditerranée, Montpellier Métropole Méditerranée, Orange and Exaprint.

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